Tired of hauling heavy decoys to accomplish the same goal? Try our Eva Canadas and say goodbye to long set ups, take downs and the question of how your going to get your spread out in that muddy field .



Fine detailed feather pattern New Design SUPER LIGHT Excellent Movement Fast deployment Each Canada Goose EVA PLASTIC  are made from a durable, commercial grade EVA plastic.

8 Canada Feeders 2 poses 4 Canada Heads Uprights 2 poses Feet Inserts. Single sharpened 20 inch fiberglass stakes with top plastic grommet (HARDER DESIGN) Made to withstand the rigors of any hunting environment with ease. HEAVIER DUTY EVA Once unboxed, your decoys restore to their full body shape and look just like hard plastic (instructions included in box). Initially, after unboxing, we recommend using a hair dryer to heat the inside and rub any creases out from packaging. Best of all, they don’t fill up and weigh down your trailer, truck, or boat like your old decoys! If you have been looking for high quality, versatile, and inexpensive full body goose decoys, then we’ve got just what you need. They come with convenient tie-off holes pre-molded into the tail of the decoy so you can put bungee loops or rope through for easier carrying around the field. No need for drilling! Durable flocked heads and tails come standard in your Gym Shoe Canada Goose Decoy order. Fit 4 to 5 dozen in one of our Gym Shoe Decoy bags (Our products will be delivered within 7 days from placing your order.) 

Canada Geese

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