Our Ambassador program is designed to choose folks that ACTUALLY use our products and currently tag us in their SM posts. Nowadays it seems like everybody wants something for free without working for it. We're old school, we do not believe in giving our products away for free or at a discount without first putting in work.

    To be considered, you must currently use our products and must have tagged us in social media content, that you have created, with our products. How can one accurately represent a company's products without first trying them out? Heck, what if you don't like them? We know that won't be the case, however, we look for folks that stand out to be on our team.  We take care of the very few team members that we have chosen to represent us,  who have already taken the initiative to get them recognized.   

Justin Rick

My name is Justin (J.J.) Rick. I started hunting around the age of 10yrs old. I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 12 or so. While I love hunting all species available to Illinois hunters, I have always been partial to waterfowl. Nothing is better than shooting ducks and geese and watching the dogs work.

Ray Medrano

My name is Ray Medrano. I moved from IL to Northern Colorado at age 12 and my waterfowl hunting began from there. The thing I enjoy most is understanding and adapting to the constant challenges of waterfowl hunting and being around people with the same passion.

Reed Johnson

Owner of Premier Ponds of Illinois. I was introduced to hunting by my Dad when I was 4 years old and have been obsessed ever since. My favorite hunting is on a small river targeting mallards and wood ducks with my 16 ga Ithaca that was handed down from my great uncle. I enjoy the challenge of field hunting with my friends for big honkers and love when they are feet down in the pocket!