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Who is tired of multiple set ups with heavy, bulky, decoys? What about trying to find the  cone in the dark? We have the solution! Our GSD snows deploy faster than socks for consistant hunts.  If its calm, windy, or raining ice,  our snows will kill and take a beating!


If you have been looking for high quality, versatile, and inexpensive full body goose decoys, then we've got just what you need. EVA PLASTIC Snow are made from a durable, commercial grade EVA plastic. Made to withstand the rigors of any hunting environment with ease. EVEN ARKANSAS MUD!!!!!



    Once unboxed and heated, your decoys restore to their full body shape and look just like hard plastic. Best of all, they don't fill up and weigh down your trailer, truck, or boat like your old decoys!


1 person can carry 4 to 5 dozen of our GSD EVA plastic decoys in our GSD bag and have 5 dozen deployed in minutes versus the hard plastic has-been coned decoys. EVA is the future. GSD Snows will help us save the tundra. This is no gimmick, these decoys are truly awesome!

23 inches long 25 inch diameter


WE SHIP TO CANADA. Canadian shipping costs are seperate and are on a order by order basis. Please inquire before placing your order.

Snow Geese

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  • 12 packs include 4 uprights ,  and 8 feeders


    Made from a durable, commercial grade EVA plastic


    Lighter to transport in the field


    Increases motion in the field, making your spread much more realistic


    Decreases your total cost of attracting geese


    Durable head and tail with detailed UV-resistant paint