6 Pack Includes:  (currently out of feeders) 

  • 6 Canada Heads Upright
  • 6 3-Piece Motion Stakes
  • 6 Pairs of Feet Inserts

The Canada Goose Motion Decoys are an excellent, inexpensive way to add motion to your spread. The lightweight XPE foam decoys combined with the 3-piece motion stake adds the movement needed to attract geese. They can be used in light or heavy wind.

By placing the ground stake as straight as possible you will start to see movement in winds as low as 5 mph. In winds over 15 mph simply angle the ground stake slightly downwind and this will create a side-to-side movement. Experiment with them for best results. Small adjustments create different movements. Adjust how far legs stick out to make contact with motion wire for 360° or 180° spin. Adding even a few around your pocket helps to attract geese.

Warning: The ground stakes are fiberglass. Avoid pushing the stake in with the center wire inserted as this may split the fiberglass end. The XPE foam decoys are collapsible. As with any material that is repeatedly folded/smashed and then opened again, wear may begin to happen over time. Treat them well and they will last for years to come.

Note: Stakes will come primed but not painted. User may paint them in whatever color is preferred.

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XPE FOAM MOTION Canada Goose 6 Pack

$134.99 Regular Price
$119.99Sale Price
    • 6 Pack: 4 Canada Feeders, 2 Canada Heads Upright
    • 12 Pack: 8 Canada Feeders, 4 Canada Heads Upright
    • 3-Piece Motion Stakes with 360° or 180° Spin
    • Made from a durable, ultra-lightweight XPE foam
    • Increases motion in the field, making your spread much more realistic

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