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Flocked Mallard floating decoy made of lightweight EVA plastic.  Detailed carvings  multi layer paint scheme.   Easily carried to your favorite honey hole with ease. Very realistic lightweight and affordable. SUPER QUIET carrying on Texas rigs, so throw them over your back forget about that loud plastic banging together. Each decoy weighs in at 13 ounces. These decoys will take some abuse!

  • Each box contains 12 decoys.   8 drakes and 4 hens
  • Weighted keel
  • Specs. 15 inches long from chest to tail 7.5 inches wide across the back
  • Plug hole to blow up for initial set up out of the box.
  • Will not crack at the keels!

Eva Plastic Flocked Head Floater Mallard

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  • Having hunted waterfowl for the past 30 years, I admit that I have hunted over some beat up decoys!

    I never cared if paint had gone missing, dings or scratches were present or whatever.

    Now that I own a decoy company, I must say, attention to detail has taken on a new meaning. Lets face it, if a duck sees a dent,scratch,chip etc, We have probably missed our opportunity to kill it.

    At GSD, we want our customers to be  happy, no, excited about their new GSD decoys. Now having that attention to detail, We recommend taking a few minutes to inflate after packaging,  your EVA decoys. I will refrain from boring you with the chemical components to EVA. Eva is a flexible sort of rubberized plastic. Once this step is complete after opening, you will most likely Never have to do it again.

    • Open Box and remove packaging.
    • Blow in the rear inflation hole and use a finger to plug the hole intil the plug can be inserted.
    • Use a hair dryer to warm the EVA while pushing the creases out.
    • After the EVA cools your decoy will become more rigid.
    • Put your rigs on and get a limit.