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Building A Better Goose Decoy

    Gym Shoe Decoy Company is making our imprint on the evolution of EVA plastic goose decoys. We have personally experienced  the inconveniences of owning expensive, heavy, and bulky decoys; so we sought to fix a problem. As a result, we have developed a full body goose decoy with excellent realism that weighs in under 1 lb per decoy. Now with revolutionary EVA PLASTIC, goose decoy spreads are easily deployed, and picked up at a fraction of the time and cost. After all, what waterfowl hunter really wants to pick up decoys after the end of a good or bad hunt. What about if your off the X and your reputation and business might be  hanging on the line based on your success and you know a move needs to be made.

Decoys By Hunters For Hunters

We pride ourselves in being real hunters, not phony salesman.  I can’t tell you how many times we have sat in  layouts knowing immediately, that a move needs to be made. We have all been there. I stopped enjoying picking up decoys at 20 years old. I’ve dreaded  the inevitable pick up and move knowing the time and effort hard, heavy, and bulky decoys require to move and outweighing if it was worth the effort. What about a snow goose wind change. Now we’re talking hundreds of decoys to move.

Make the Move to a Better Decoy

C’mon, we have  all been there. At Gym Shoe Decoy Company we realized a change was needed. Now there is no need to wait for the fields to freeze to transport your decoys! Above all, one hunter can easily carry dozens Gym Shoe Decoys at a time. About 5 dozen on average to be exact.  Whether you are replacing your spread completely, or a hard charging 18 year old starting out, with limited funds, we predict that Gym Shoe Decoys will be part of every hunter’s spread in the very near future. EVA PLASTIC is the future.

SEe what People ARe SAYING ABOUT US!

  • What is the difference between your EVA decoys and the competition?
    At Gym Shoe Decoy Company, we strive for quality and durabilityand customer satisfaction. Our decoys are made using high strength EVA unlike our competitors and maintain their fullbody appearance through rigorous hunting conditions. Our decoys speak for themselves. Check out our fine detailed feather patterns . We offer 4 different mold types, feeder,active feeder, upright and head turned upright.
  • How many decoys can I carry in your GSD bags
    About 50 to 60 with stakes installed depending on how they are stacked.
  • What Shipping service do you use.
    We primarily use UPS but sometimes, depending on the location of the delivery, USPS Priority is used. Either way, you wont wait for more than a few days for your decoys. Our competitors that offer free shipping, use USPS Parcel select. That type of shipping is slow and can take weeks, not good enough for us. We want you to have your decoys fast!!!
  • How much does 1 single goose decoy weigh
    13 oz with stake
  • Do the stakes stay in and can they come out for slot bags?
    The answer is yes to both. We recommend keeping the stakes in however they absolutely can be removed.

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